Prepared: 01.07.2021

1. Registrar

Sirius Ideas Oy's subsidiary name TOISTOI

Vattuniemenkatu 14 E51

00210 Helsinki

​Y ID: 3168599-7

Phone: +358504417840

2. Registry matters - contact details

3. Register name

​Sirius Ideas Oy subsidiary name TOISTOI's customer register

4. Purpose of personal data processing

a) To provide you with information or services

b) To send you marketing material or newsletters

c)​ Evaluation of the information obtained based on our customers' views and the use of our services, with which we can improve the operation of our company

d) To communicate with you

5. Personal information we collect

​We can collect personal data using the forms on our website or directly from the customer.

Basic information of the person:

a) First and last name, language and information necessary for contact: e.g. phone number and email address

b) Company name, social security number and contact person

c) Information collected using cookies

d) IP address

e) Personal data obtained from order and billing information

f) Our website visitor and behavioral data

g) We can obtain information related to the customer's personal data from external sources, such as the use of social media such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn

6. Your information is used

​a ) The company's employees or subcontractors, with whom a separate agreement has been concluded, perform their duties.

7. Transfer of personal data outside the EU

​a ) We do not regularly transfer data outside the European Union or the European Economic Area. The transfer outside the EU can temporarily take place in connection with the cloud services we use, such as OneDrive or Dropbox.

8. Storage of personal data

​a ) We do not store personal data longer than necessary. We delete unnecessary personal data. The retention period for personal data may vary depending on the situation. The retention period can also be based on law, such as accounting.

b) As a rule, we store personal data in online form on servers that comply with industry standards and practices in terms of data security. Data management and viewing are encrypted, such as behind a user and password.

c) Personal data is kept confidential.

9. Your right to data management

​a ) You can contact us at any time at

b) If you wish, we will delete any information about you

c) If you wish, you can see what information we have, if any, about you

d) You have the right to request that your personal data not be processed in direct marketing

10. Cookies

This website uses cookies. With the help of cookies, we can analyze and develop the site to be more user-friendly. Cookies allow us to monitor visitor numbers and behavior on our site. Cookies can be used to collect information from which site the person has moved to our website, what the user has browsed and when, which browser version is being used, the terminal's operating system and the visitor's IP address.

In advertising made with the help of cookies, the visitor is not identified or personal information obtained earlier (e.g. during a customer meeting) is used.

You can block the use of cookies at any time in your browser settings. Blocking the use of cookies may affect the functionality of the site and its services.

11. Data protection update

We may update our attached privacy policy as our operations develop and change. Changes in the law may also be the reason for updating this privacy statement. Changes take effect when we update and publish a new privacy policy.

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